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Quick Order only!!! Available December 26 at 8 a.m., MT, through December 31 at 11:59 p.m., MT, while supplies last ... & it won't be long. TRUST ME! *Details on 100PV+ promotion available in Floral & Pine Facebook group!

🌲 Evergreen Essence essential oil blend, 15 ml

SO pumped about this one!!! AHHHH! One of our seasonal favorite blends, Evergreen Essence, has been missing from our product offering until it could meet all the requirements for global sustainability. AND IT HASSSSS! But, there is a limited amount and it's only while supplies last. 

SNATCH THIS UP QUICK AND BUY A FEW BOTTLES. It’s only been available twice in the 5 years I’ve been a member. 😱😱😱😱 It’s a blend of a Spruce, pine, fir, and cedar. And it’s the most delicious smelling oil for the winter and holidays!! 

   •  Item No. 3353 | Wholesale $26.50 | PV 26.50


❤️R.C. 15 ml 

RC is never available in the "big bottle size" ... 15ml. So, people are going to go nuts over this one! Quick Order only.

RC is perfect for the winter months. Congestion? NEED THIS. Diffuse and roll it on. Make a chest rub. It's glorious!

A drop of RC on the chest before a workout in the spring when everything is covered with a faith yellow dust is really nice too. Add it to your Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint springtime roller too! It’s a must have.

R.C. essential oil blend, 15 ml

• Item No. 3405 | Wholesale $23.25 | PV 23.25


❤️ Purification ... OMG. Guys, this stuff is amazingggg. Here's excellent ways to use it during the winter:👇👇

- Rub on bites to stop the itch.

- Add a few drops to the washing machine with smelly laundry. Stank be gone✌️

- Add a few drops of Purification + Thieves oil to baking soda and you've got your own chemical free carpet sprinkles.

- Rub some around your ear if you've got a need for ear support. (DO NOT put the oil in your ear).

- Put a few drops on a cotton ball. Put it under your trash bag to keep the smells at bay. Or, put the cotton balls with oils into stinky shoes and it seriously gets the funk out. Orrrr smelly diaper pails!

Purification essential oil blend, 15 ml

   •   Item No. 3399 | Wholesale $27.00 | PV 27


🌲 Red Shot 5 ml

Who loves their Ningxia Red?!?! 🍷 You will love Red Shot!

What’s a Red Shot, you ask? It’s tangerine, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, cassia, and spearmint and it’s a party in my mouth 🤣 Makes your Ningxia even more delish AND pumps your body full of immune supporting-goodness and d-limonene. (You want it. Google it 👊🏻👊🏻)

Oh, and you can’t buy it individually. Like, ever. The only time you can get it is when it’s part of a holiday special OR if you go to Convention and know to ask for it at the Red Shot Bar 😉😉 So it’s elusive and delicious and we freakin’ LOVE IT. SNAG IT.

• Item No. 5434 | Wholesale $13.50 | PV 13.5

*Red Shot essential oil blend cannot be shipped to APO/DPO/FPO mailing addresses.


💫 Freedom, 5 ml


- Calms the mind during nightly routine

- Promotes feelings of emotional freedom

- Inspires feelings of freedom from everyday troubles

- Grounding and relaxing 

- Helps with occasional sleeplessness or restlessness

   •   Item No. 24303 | Wholesale $28.00 | PV 28


💤RutaVaLa Roll-On, 10 ml

Like being dead without the commitment. 🤣🤣 So incredibly relaxing!!! Ruta, VALERIAN, and Lavender in a super convenient roll-on! Keep it in your bag when you need to chill. We swipe the bottoms of our big toe at night because these oils make you sleeeepy. Basically THE sleep oil of alllll the sleepy oils.

   •   Item No. 4471 | Wholesale $36.75 | PV 36.75



Available December 26 at 8 a.m., MT, through December 31 at 11:59 p.m., MT, while supplies last!!!!

   •   Markets: U.S. and NFR | Limits: No limits, while supplies last | Quick Order only