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Dewdrop ... FREE!

Vanessa Warren

Still can't believe I received this awesome #dewdrop diffuser FREE with my oil order this month. YL is so generous. #grateful If you love using your oils, sign up for the subscription program ... worth the monthly investment, promise you! We've replaced purchasing our toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, face wash, detergent, cleaning supplies from the local store. We now order these items through the subscription program & I feel really great knowing my family is using only the BEST. And bonus ... I'm accruing points to use later so I can get some of this stuff for free. Love my #yllife

THE Aria.

Vanessa Warren

Things that make my heart go pitter patter. Ooooooh, Aria ... you're the best.

There's several things that I love about this A-MAZING diffuser ...

- The base is a solid American maple base & is just gorgeous.

- The glass dome never fogs up & stays nice & clean looking.

- There's LED lighting that you can turn on or off easily. 

- There's built-in sounds that are really soothing if you're looking for a spa-like feel to relax you.

- My FAVORITE part is that it comes with built-in speakers, so you can hook up your iphone & have a little sound system diffusing in your house. The best!