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*NEW* Vitality Dietary Essential Oils

Vanessa Warren

Young Living is thrilled to introduce their NEW Vitality™ dietary essential oil line, which includes some of their best-loved dietary essential oils now labeled for internal use!

With the same high-quality essential oil you rely on in every bottle, the Vitality dietary essential oil line will have new item numbers and new names. With four distinct categories - Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement - you're invited to explore Vitality dietary essential oils!
Drop in some flavor with our Herb Vitality dietary essential oils:
Basil Vitality | Lavender Vitality | Lemongrass Vitality | Oregano Vitality | Peppermint Vitality | Rosemary Vitality | Spearmint Vitality | Thyme Vitality
Awaken your taste buds with Spice Vitality dietary essential oils:
Black Pepper Vitality | Carrot Seed Vitality | Celery Seed Vitality | Cinnamon Bark Vitality | Clove Vitality | Dill Vitality | Ginger Vitality
Fall in love with oils all over again with Citrus Vitality dietary essential oils:
Bergamot Vitality | Citrus Fresh™ Vitality | Grapefruit Vitality | Jade Lemon™ Vitality | Lemon Vitality | Lime Vitality | Orange Vitality | Tangerine Vitality
Add an oil-infused boost to your day with Supplement Vitality dietary essential oils:
DiGize™ Vitality | EndoFlex™ Vitality | Frankincense Vitality | Thieves® Vitality