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I’m Barbara Poe, married to Chris for 16 years and mom to four furry kids - Kali, Ananda, Pema and Cohen.  I am the COO of a local animal shelter and I am incredibly passionate about my work and my animals, those I live with and those in our care at the shelter.
My oil journey started with our sweet girl-dog, Pema. She was rescued from an extremely abusive dog hoarding situation. She and 10 other Great Pyrenees mixes were brought to our shelter in 2015. I actually carried her kennel into the shelter from the transport van because she was too afraid to walk on leash. I couldn't stand to put her into a kennel and kept her in my office for a few days. I simply fell in love with this girl and we adopted her immediately. Because of her extreme and generalized fear and anxiety, I began to look for ways to support her naturally. I knew that my best friend from high school, Shasta, was using Young Living oils and I reached out to her for more information. I was specifically interested in Vetiver because I'd read about its ability to calm nerves and create emotional balance. I call Vetiver my gateway oil and it has changed our lives. We now have three diffusers in our house, I have one in my office (and people don't want to leave my office!) and my husband has one in his therapy office. I have been blown away by the generosity and support I've received from Young Living and this team. The starter kit is fantastic and it will expose you to 11 amazing oils.  And if I can give you one hint....don't wait to sign up for your Essential Rewards (ER) the program is so easy to work with and you will receive points for almost everything you order which you can use toward FREE products.  And, each month, when you purchase a certain amount on your ER order, you get free products with your order. It's crazy generous and a whole lot of fun!  And now, I can't even imagine life without Young Living oils in it!

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