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I’m Alison, a small-town, mountain girl with big Faith to change the world. I am a lover of Jesus. I like good reads, coffee, music, community and all things beautiful. I believe the world can once again become whole and it starts with you and me!

As a graduate from the University of North Carolina Asheville, with a minor in Health and Wellness, the choice to incorporate EO’s into my life was easy. Much of my study time was spent learning about alternative ways of healthy living and how we can best support our bodies. When I started with Young Living, I was looking for something to help me make the jump to an even more organic lifestyle. Since then, it has truly exceeded my expectations.

As I began to incorporate the oils into my daily routine they quickly took over. My kitchen turned into a hub for DIY projects and at home oily remedies. Not only did the oils aid in respiratory and immune support but also, they just made me feel so amazing. Panaway and Copaiba are now a must after a nice long run or workout. Lavender has become my metaphorical Swiss Army Knife and Bergamot is my daily go-to oil for it’s amazing smell and even better properties.

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Floral & Pine is a community who strives to encourage those who desire to pursue a natural, healthy lifestyle. By joining the Floral & Pine team, you will have access to a leadership group who is sincerely committed to learning who you are & dedicated to educating you along your journey with Young Living essential oils. We want you to enjoy your oils!

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- STEP #3. Complete the Member / Sign-In Information. Note: Regarding Tax Information, because Young Living is a referral based business, they must have this on file in case you share/refer them with a friend. If you do not sell anything, know your number will never come out of it’s file. YL is a respectable 20 year company.

- STEP #4. The Premium Starter Kit should be pre-selected for you - that’s the one you want! The price is $160 and varies depending on which diffuser you select. The Home Diffuser is a great one to start!

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